In 1923, George Mallory was asked by a reporter "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?" and Mallory's response was "Because it's there". There is an overwhelming sense of achievement when you walk over that last crest and realise there is no more mountain to climb. The views from the top are spectacular. Looking out across the tops of other mountains, down through the glacial valleys and possibly out to sea. Head back to work after a long weekend in the mountains with a thirst for more, stories to tell and pictures to flaunt.


COST: £50

RATIO: 1:6

The jagged peaks, steep rocky slopes and airy ridge lines will make anyone feel like a proper mountaineer when climbing to the summit of the peaks in Snowdonia. After all, Sir Edmond Hillary used these mountains to train for Mount Everest before his successful first ascent in 1953! There is something for everyone in North Wales so take your pick. Snowdon isn't the only mountain here!

  • Snowdon

  • Glyder Fach + Fawr

  • Tryfan

  • Y Garn

  • Carnedd Daffydd

  • Carnedd Llewelyn

  • Moel Siabod

  • Cnicht

COST: £150

DURATION: 1 Day (24hours)

RATIO: 1:4

The ultimate test of endurance in the Welsh mountains! 15 summits over 26 miles and 3,500m of ascent. The challenge starts from the summit of Snowdon and finishes on the summit of Foel-Fras. The challenge is typically done over 24 hours but if you fancy attempting it over 2 or more days, then how about combining it with one of my other courses for a true adventure in the Welsh mountains!

The peaks in height order:

  1.  Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) 1085 m

  2.  Crib y Ddysgl 1065 m

  3.  Elidir Fawr 923 m

  4.  Y Garn 947 m

  5.  Glyder Fawr 1000 m

  6.  Castell y Gwynt 972 m

  7.  Glyder Fach 994 m

  8.  Pen yr Ole Wen 978 m

  9.  Carnedd Dafydd 1044 m

  10.  Yr Elen 962 m

  11.  Carnedd Llewelyn 1064 m

  12.  Foel Grach 976 m

  13.  Garnedd Uchaf (Carnedd Gwenllian) 926 m

  14.  Foel-fras 942 m

  15.  Crib Goch 923 m

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