You may have climbed indoors once or twice, experienced climbing within a club as an adventurous activity or you want to start out in a new sport! On this course, you will experience what outdoor climbing has to offer and have the opportunity to learn new skills on real rock!


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have started to gain climbing experience through lots of outdoor climbing.

  • Be able to fit a climbing harness, tie into the rope and becoming a confident belayer.

  • Start to understand how to abseil.

  • Be inspired to continue climbing and attend a progression course.

Intro to Rock Climbing - 2 Days

  • Our 2 Day Introduction to Rock Climbing course is an ideal starting point for those with little to no experience in outdoor climbing. By adding a second day, you can develop on your new found skills from the day before and start to learn more skills in outdoor climbing such as abseiling.

  • On this course, we will cover the following:


    • Planning where to climb.

    • Fundamental movement skills.

    • Selecting and fitting footwear and equipment.

    • Climbing knots and tying in.

    • Belaying and lowering.

    • Abseiling techniques.

    • Access and the Environment

    • Hazards and Emergency


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