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At some point in your mountaineering career, you may decide to head onto steeper ground for more of an adventure and a way to beat the crowds or even start to consider leading groups yourself and embarking on the Mountain Training Leadership awards. But with steeper grounds comes bigger risks and new skills to master to safeguard yourself and your group in emergencies.

Security on Steep Ground

  • Who's it for?

    This course is ideal for anyone who has experience scrambling on grade 1 terrain and wants to learn rope work for emergency situations, or for someone who is going through the Mountain Leader Award and is preparing for assessment.

  • Course Content

    On this course we will cover the following:


    • Route finding

    • Movement over steep ground

    • Avoidance

    • Spotting

    • Confidence roping

    • Emergency rope work in ascent and descent

    • Anchor selection

    • Tying in to the rope

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