A map is a bird's eye view of an area. Framed on a wall and it is a  piece of art. But in your hands, it is a vital piece of equipment. Coupled with a compass and the knowledge of how to use the two together, and you have the skills to create your own adventures in the mountains. 


COST: £30


LOCATION: Dartmoor


Navigation doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Whether you have been caught out at the end of the day and need to find your way back to the car (pub), you fancy watching the world wake up from the summit of a mountain or you want to improve your poor visibility navigation, night navigation is an important skill to add to your skills box. 

Our NIGHT NAVIGATION course would benefit those who are experienced navigators and want to improve their poor visibility navigation, have attended either/both of our INTERMEDIATE and/or ADVANCED NAVIGATION courses or for those working towards the Hill and Moorland or Mountain Leader award. We will cover the following skills:

  • Micro navigation

  • Pacing and timing

  • Catchment features

  • Tick off features

  • Using the group to aid navigation

  • Accurate compass work





  • Teaching Navigation (COMING SOON)


Download the PDF below for full course details.






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