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Terms and Conditions

Here is the boring stuff but it is important so please READ IT to avoid any disappointment or confusion. I have tried to make it easy to read with NO small print. What you read here is to protect myself and you, the client. A copy of these terms and conditions will be sent with all course bookings. 


AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. ALL Participants (you, the Client) in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING is responsible for your safety DURING the course, from arrival to dispersal. All participants will receive a safety briefing at the start of a course and must accept the risks and responsibilities involved. Failure to comply with the information given will result in termination of the contract. AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING will not be held responsible for Injuries sustained by failure to comply with safety information given. Accidents do happen, and AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING will do it's absolute best to REDUCE THE RISKS. 


  • To be considered BOOKED onto a course, a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of the full course cost is required. A booking form alone or an email/phone call does NOT consider you booked on.

  • Once a DEPOSIT has been received, consider this a CONTRACT made between AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING  and you, the CLIENT.

  • Payment in FULL must be received no less than 4 weeks before the start date of the course.

  • If booking LESS THAN 4 weeks before the course start date, payment must be made in FULL.

  • For GROUP bookings, payment must be made in FULL. Prices for group bookings, per day, are as followed:​

    • 2 persons = £190 

    • 3 persons = £220 

    • 4 persons = £250 

    • 5 persons = £280 

    • 6 persons = £310 

  • All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE in any circumstance.

  • I am unable to accept bookings for under 18's unless they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 who is also booked onto the same course.

What's included in the price:

  • Planning.

  • Organisation.

  • Resources.

  • Specialist equipment (if required).

  • Delivery of the course and instruction.

  • Please remember, this is my living. ALL prices are non-negotiable.

What is NOT included in the price:

  • Transport to and from course location.

    • It is YOUR responsibility to make your own way to the location of the course​.

    • Pick up/drop off to/from a train station can be arranged at additional costs.

  • Accommodation.

  • Personal kit and equipment.

    • It is YOUR responsibility to provide personal kit and equipment as stated on the kit list.​

    • It is YOUR responsibility to look after and protect personal kit and equipment. I am NOT to be held accountable for any damage to your kit and equipment whilst on a course.

  • Your own personal holiday insurance to cover you for damages/accidents/travel delays/cancellations/moving of course dates etc.

  • Food.


  • If you, the Client decide to cancel a booking then the following charges and refunds apply:

    • 4 weeks (> 30 days) or more before course start date: Full refund of monies paid, less the deposit.​

    • 3 weeks (> 21 days) before course start date: 75% of monies paid, less the deposit.

    • 2 weeks (> 14 days) before course start date: 50% of monies paid, less the deposit.

    • 1 week (< 14 days) before course start date: No refund.

  • The above is subject to not being able to re-sell your place on the course. If I am able to re-sell your place, then a full refund, less the deposit, will be granted. I will aim to do my best to re-sell your course place.

  • Failure to attend a course, for any reason, will not receive a refund of monies paid.

  • If you, the Client, decide to change the arranged date of the course, another 25% deposit will be required, regardless of monies paid. Course cost and remaining monies to be paid will remain the same.

  • If, for any reason, AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING cancels a course, a FULL refund will be given.


  • All courses will run on HALF their stated ratio. If half the stated ratio has not been met, and AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING can not fill the remaining spaces, then either: the course will be cancelled and a FULL refund will be given or an alternative date can be arranged, subject to NO charge.

  • Alternatively, if you, the Client, can fill the places to make up HALF the stated ratio, then I will refund you, the Client, 50% of your course fee upon receiving FULL payment from the other course participants.


  • All course content described on AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING is subject to change and has been written as a general guideline to what is covered on that course. No one course is the same and course content can be changed due to either: factors beyond our control (such as weather, adverse conditions, conditions under foot, group physical fitness etc) or the participants of the course wanting to covering specific content.

  • AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING aims to deliver the best course possible for ALL participants on ALL courses.

  • AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING reserves the right to change the course content at any time, subject to relevancy.


  • A payment of a deposit and a completed course booking forms assumes that you, the Client, has read and accepted these terms and conditions.

  • The contract made is personal only to you, the client, who has made the booking.

  • If booking on behalf of a GROUP (2 or more people) then the contract is still personal to you, the client, who made the booking. However, ALL persons in the group must read and accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the contract to be made and complete.

  • The contract made will END on completion of the course. AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING holds no responsibility for the participants return journey after completion of the course.

  • ALL participants MUST declare ANY medical conditions they may have and are aware of. Failure to disclose any medical conditions that may affect the running of a course and put yourself, the client, and the other participants within the group at risk, will terminate the contract. NO refund will be given.

  • You, the Client, is responsible for your own personal medication that is required to be administered.

  • It is you, the Client, who is responsible for taking out personal accident, medical and travel insurance.


  • Information is only collected from you when making a booking.

  • Information will include, but not limited to: your email address, name, age and contact number.

  • No credit card or bank details is requested or stored by AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING.

  • NO personal information is sold, shared or transferred for any reason, without consent.

  • ALL personal information is treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS are subject to change at any time. Any changes will be made public and you, the client, will be informed if you are in a valid contract with AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING.

Any questions regarding these TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be emailied to:

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