A map is a bird's eye view of an area. Framed on a wall and it is a  piece of art. But in your hands, it is a vital piece of equipment. Coupled with a compass and the knowledge of how to use the two together, and you have the skills to create your own adventures in the mountains. 


COST: £50


LOCATION: Dartmoor

RATIO: 1:6

Scrolling your eyes across a map for the first time is like learning to reading all over again. All of those lines, symbols and colours are confusing. But with a little bit of tuition, you will be able to pick up a map and navigate your way along footpaths and enjoy the beauty the hills and mountains have to offer.

Our INTRO TO NAVIGATION course is perfect for those who have never picked up a map before and want to learn the basic skills to navigate along footpaths. We will cover the following skills:

  • Conventional Symbols

  • Maps scales and the grid system

  • Orientating the map to the ground

  • Identifying and using handrails

  • Parts of a compass

  • Contours and large features

  • Measuring Distances

  • Simple relocation



  • 22nd Apr (Dartmoor)

  • 11th May (Dartmoor)

  • 18th May (The Lakes)

  • 25th May (North Wales)

  • 27th May (North Wales)




Download the PDF below for full course details.






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