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Contour only map

The shape of the ground is one of the only features on a map that doesn't change much, making it very reliable. Being able to navigate just by the shape of the ground and using contours on our maps will greatly improve your navigation. Progress your navigation and benefit from this knowledge when you venture into more complex terrain and in poor visibility.


1 Day



* Price indicated is for public course dates. For private/bespoke/1:1 bookings, prices start FROM £170 per day. Get in touch to enquire.

Learn how to navigate using only the shape of the ground. This will really boost your navigation once you have mastered navigating using contours. This will really help you keep track of where you are on the map, relocate yourself in poor visibility and help you make the right decisions when planning your route on the ground.


This course is ideal for anyone who is working towards a Mountain Training Mountain Leader or Hill and Moorland assessment and wants to refresh and refine their navigation. It is also perfect for those who wish to improve their navigation to help them navigate in complex terrain, away from the footpaths such as the more remote Wainwright Walks, Munros or classic grade 1 scrambles!

We will use contour only maps, different map scales and a whole load of other resources to help you develop better understanding of contours. As the course progresses, we will start to transfer these new skills back to regular maps and seek out contour features to use in our navigation.

We will cover the following skills on this course:

  • Identifying the shape of the ground using contours

  • Understanding how contours work

  • Contour features

  • Using contour only maps

  • Navigating only by using contours on our maps

Want some pre-course learning?

Check out my blog post below on contours for some prior learning before attending the course and see if it is right for you!

Demonstrating how contour lines work and contour features




Download the PDF of full course details from my DOWNLOADS page. Click the link below:


Please refer to my FAQ page for more general information and visit my DOWNLOADS page for kit lists and booking forms.

Using contour only maps to help navigate on Dartmoor
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