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Ben Nevis summit shelter

Guided Mountain Walks

We love the mountains here at At The Edge Mountaineering, that's why we love inspiring you to venture out and enjoy them too! However, if you do not feel up to exploring them on your own just yet, join us on a Guided Mountain Walk and get inspired for more adventures in the mountains!


Unsure where to start? We love running our guided mountain walks in the Lake District! Join us there and get ticking those Wainwrights!

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In 1923, George Mallory was asked by a reporter "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?" and Mallory's response was "Because it's there". There is an overwhelming sense of achievement when you walk over that last crest and realise there is no more mountain to climb. The views from the top are spectacular. Looking out across the tops of other mountains, down through the glacial valleys and possibly out to sea. Head back to work after a long weekend in the mountains with a thirst for more, stories to tell and pictures to flaunt.

There are many famous peaks in the UK: Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Pen Y Fan to name the most famous. What ever your goal is, AT THE EDGE MOUNTAINEERING will endeavour to get you to the summit. Click on the area headings below for a list of mountain summits and guided mountain walks and take your pick. The list is not inclusive and if there is a summit or a mountain walk you really want to do and it's not on the list, contact me to arrange something.

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Scafell Pike summit, The Lake District


Diving board, Fan Y Big, Brecon Beacons
FROM £40
From 1 Day

Situated in South Wales, the Brecon Beacons is home to the flat topped mountains of Pen Y Fan and Corn Du, among others. With their steep north faces and horse shoe characteristics, there are plenty of options to link these beautiful mountains and make a memorable day.


Snowdon, Snowdonia
FROM £50
From 1 Day

The jagged peaks, steep rocky slopes and airy ridge lines will make anyone feel like a proper mountaineer when climbing to the summit of the peaks in Snowdonia. After all, Sir Edmond Hillary used these mountains to train for Mount Everest before his successful first ascent in 1953! There is something for everyone in North Wales so take your pick. Snowdon isn't the only mountain here!


The Langdale Pikes, The Lake District
FROM £50
From 1 Day

From the rolling grassy peak of Skiddaw to the rock strewn summit of Scafell Pike, the Lakes is a beautiful landscape with a wide variety of summits for all types of aspiring mountaineers. Steeped in mountaineering history and the inspiration for Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth, join me in the lakes and lets create your own personal story from this remarkable place.


Ben Nevis, Scotland
FROM £70
FROM 1 Day

The mountains of Scotland are almost Alpine like in nature. Aspiring Alpine mountaineers come to Scotland to train for their big objectives in Europe and further afield. Home to Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain, Scotland is big step up from the mountains of England and Wales. Long mountain ridges, steep slopes and forgotten Glens can make anyone feel like an adventurer!  Add to that the 282 Munros (Scottish mountains over 3000 feet) and there are a lot of possibilities to choose from! 


How hard?

All our advertised guided mountain walks will include an overall difficulty rating to help you choose which walk is best suited to you. The overall difficulty is calculated by adding the TERRAIN to the TECHNICAL difficulty and adding the FITNESS letter.



3 + 4 + B = 7B

At The Edge Mountaineering difficulty level
At The Edge Mountaineering difficulty level
At The Edge Mountaineering difficulty level
Overall difficulty grading, guided mountain walks
Overall grading
Adam and Eve, Tryfan, Snowdonia




Download the PDF of full course details from my DOWNLOADS page. Click the link below:


Please refer to my FAQ page for more general information and visit my DOWNLOADS page for kit lists and booking forms.

the diving board, Fan Y Big, Brecon Beacons
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