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Sometimes a day here and there just doesn't cut it when learning new skills. Instead, it might be easier to do an all intensive several days, combining all the elements in several big mountain days. What's better than learning to navigate whilst ticking off classic scrambles, summiting mountains and maybe even sleeping amongst the giants themselves!

All of my course can be combined to create a great package. Below are a few of the more popular ideas, but please feel free to contact me if you fancy some other options.

3 Days

South West/Brecon Beacons/North Wales/The Lakes/Bespoke


In just 3 days, you can go from having never used a map and compass before to navigating your way like a pro around the mountains of the UK. This all intensive course combines all my navigation courses into 3 consecutive days. 

We will start by focusing on the key elements of navigation along footpaths and other public rights of way, before progressing to more demanding terrain and complex navigation towards the end of the course. This would be perfect for those with limited experience who want to make that running jump into hill walking and mountaineering. 


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be confident in planning your own walks in the hills and mountains of the UK

  • Be confident in navigating by yourself along footpaths and progressing away from marked paths

  • Start to develop an understanding of relocating yourself if lost

  • Be inspired to continue and progress with navigation in the hills and mountains.


On this course, we will cover the following:

  • Conventional Symbols

  • Maps scales and the grid system

  • Orientating the map to the ground

  • Identifying and using handrails

  • Parts of a compass

  • Contours and large features

  • Measuring Distances

  • Simple relocation

  • Different types of maps and scales

  • Grid references

  • Pacing and Timing

  • Naismiths rule

  • Route planning

  • Compass bearings

  • Attack points

  • Aiming off

  • Catching Features

  • Tick off features

  • Smaller contour features

  • Intro to poor visibility/night navigation

  • Relocation techniques

  • Use of altimetres

  • Accurate compass work

  • Poor visibility/night navigation

  • Map memory

  • Contour only navigation

  • Small contour features

  • Micro navigation

  • Aspect of slope

  • Back bearings

  • Resections

  • Map memory

  • Dead reckoning

  • Using the group to aid navigation

Navigation Courses Dartmoor



  • Teaching Navigation (COMING SOON)


Download the PDF of full course details from my DOWNLOADS page. Click the link below:


Please refer to my FAQ page for more general information and visit my DOWNLOADS page for kit lists and booking forms.

Great Langdale, The Lake District
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