A map is a bird's eye view of an area. Framed on a wall and it is a  piece of art. But in your hands, it is a vital piece of equipment. Coupled with a compass and the knowledge of how to use the two together, and you have the skills to create your own adventures in the mountains. 


COST: £60


LOCATION: Dartmoor/Brecon Beacons/North Wales/Lake District

RATIO: 1:6

In time, the lines and symbols on a map will start to make more sense, and your desire to stray from the footpaths will take over. Exploring beyond the paths and venturing into the mountains, away from the crowds, requires another level of skills and techniques. Getting lost once away from a path is all too real, but prevention is better than a cure! (but don't worry, I'll provide you with the cure, just in case!)

Our INTERMEDIATE NAVIGATION course is for those who have either been on our INTRO TO NAVIGATION course or for those who have the basic navigation skills and want to learn new techniques to aid in their navigating. We will cover the following skills:

  • Different types of maps and scales

  • Grid references

  • Pacing and Timing

  • Naismiths rule

  • Route planning

  • Compass bearings

  • Attack points

  • Aiming off

  • Catching Features

  • Tick off features

  • Smaller contour features

  • Intro to poor visibility/night navigation

  • Relocation techniques



  • 3rd Mar (Quantocks)

  • 23rd Apr (Dartmoor)

  • 12th May (Dartmoor)

  • 19th May (The Lakes)

  • 26th May (North Wales)

  • 28th July (North Wales)




Download the PDF below for full course details.






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