A map is a bird's eye view of an area. Framed on a wall and it is a  piece of art. But in your hands, it is a vital piece of equipment. Coupled with a compass and the knowledge of how to use the two together, and you have the skills to create your own adventures in the mountains. 

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navigation courses dartmoor snowdonia lake district
Dartmoor/Brecon Beacons/North Wales/Lake District

Scrolling your eyes across a map for the first time is like learning to read all over again. All of those lines, symbols and colours are confusing. But with a little bit of tuition, you will be able to pick up a map and navigate your way along footpaths and enjoy the beauty the hills and mountains have to offer.


lake district dartmoor snowdonia navigation course
Dartmoor/Brecon Beacons/North Wales/Lake District

In time, the lines and symbols on a map will start to make more sense, and your desire to stray from the footpaths will take over. Exploring beyond the paths and venturing into the mountains, away from the crowds, requires another level of skills and techniques. Getting lost once away from a path is all too real, but prevention is better than a cure! (but don't worry, I'll provide you with the cure, just incase!)


navigation courses dartmoor lake district snowdonia
Dartmoor/Brecon Beacons/North Wales/Lake District

As you progress into more remote areas of the British mountains, you will quickly realise how complex terrain can get. Wild weather, featureless terrain and even darkness can challenge our navigation. The likelihood of getting lost is a present danger and in poor visability, everything looks the same. So how can we navigate when we are blinded by nature itself?


night navigation dartmoor courses

Navigation doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Whether you have been caught out at the end of the day and need to find your way back to the car (pub), you fancy watching the world wake up from the summit of a mountain or you want to improve your poor visibility navigation, night navigation is an important skill to add to your skills box. 


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