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Scrambling in snowdonia on the Crib Lem spur

Join me on a navigation and scrambling course in Snowdonia to help you develop your mountain navigation skills and experience classic mountain scrambles. 

5 Days


1:6 for navigation / 1:4 for scrambling

* Price indicated is for public course dates. For private/bespoke/1:1 bookings, prices start FROM £170 per day. Get in touch to enquire.

An all intensive 5-day course covering all aspects of navigation and scrambling in Snowdonia. A great week to kick start your future as a mountaineer. 

We will cover all aspects from my INTRO TO NAVIGATION to ADVANCED NAVIGATION and INTRO TO MOUNTAIN SCRAMBLES course. Throughout the week, we will put these skills to the test by ticking off classic grade 1 scrambles. By the end of the week, you will be navigating from the car park to the base of a scramble, safeguarding yourself and the group up the scramble and navigating back to the pub for a well earned pint...or two!


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to plan and implement walks in the UK hills and mountains

  • Be able to select a suitable grade 1 scramble dependent of conditions and ability

  • Be able to navigate to and navigate off a grade 1 scramble

  • develop an understanding of the risks associated with mountain scrambling

  • Be confident in navigating yourself in the UK hills and mountains


On this course, we will cover the following:

  • Conventional Symbols

  • Maps scales and the grid system

  • Orientating the map to the ground

  • Identifying and using handrails

  • Parts of a compass

  • Contours and large features

  • Measuring Distances

  • Simple relocation

  • Different types of maps and scales

  • Grid references

  • Pacing and Timing

  • Naismiths rule

  • Route planning

  • Compass bearings

  • Attack points

  • Aiming off

  • Catching Features

  • Tick off features

  • Smaller contour features

  • Intro to poor visibility/night navigation

  • Relocation techniques

  • Use of altimetres

  • Accurate compass work

  • Poor visibility/night navigation

  • Map memory

  • Contour only navigation

  • Small contour features

  • Micro navigation

  • Aspect of slope

  • Back bearings

  • Resections

  • Map memory

  • Dead reckoning

  • Using the group to aid navigation

  • Navigation to and from a scramble

  • Movement techniques over steep ground

  • Guidebook interpretation

  • Route choice

  • Safeguarding yourself and members of the group

  • Consolidating the skills learnt throughout

  • Tick off a Classic Scramble or two!

Scrambling in snowdonia, heading in to the East face of tryfan



  • Intro to Rock Climbing (COMING SOON)


Download the PDF of full course details from my DOWNLOADS page. Click the link below:


Please refer to my FAQ page for more general information and visit my DOWNLOADS page for kit lists and booking forms.

Bristly ridge, snowdonia
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