Our distance measuring and timing cards are the perfect tool to help you navigate in the hills and mountains!


Made from Immortal Plastic, they are durable, flexible and can withstand what ever conditions you are likely to encounter in the outdoors.


They feature distance measuring scales for the most commonly used British maps, a timing table to help you work out the time it takes to walk a set distance and pointing lines so you can pin point that small feature on a map.


And on top of all that, my business info incase you want professional instruction!

Distance Measuring & Timing Card


    • 1:25,000 scale ruler (50m & 100m increments)
    • 1:40,000 scale ruler (100m increments)
    • 1:50,000 scale ruler (100m increments)
    • Timing table (2 - 5kph, 50 - 1000m)
    • Pointing Lines
    • At The Edge Mountaineering business information
    • Printed on Immortal Plastic (450gsm)

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