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The jagged peaks, steep rocky slopes and airy ridge lines will make anyone feel like a proper mountaineer when climbing to the summit of the peaks in Snowdonia.


Formed over 650 million years, the peaks of Snowdonia were created from ancient oceans, volcanoes and glaciers. Evidence of their dramatic birth is still evident across the national park, you just need to know where to look! 


Snowdonia is home to my favourite mountain, Tryfan. Join me on a guided summit day in Snowdonia to learn why Tryfan is my favouite and I am sure you will discover your favouite mountain here too! Shy away from the crowds of Snowdon and discover what else Snowdonia has to offer!


Have a summit in mind? Get in touch to discuss options and join me on a guided walk in the mountains.

Snowdonia Guided Mountain Walks

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