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As you progress into more remote areas of the British mountains, you will quickly realise how complex terrain can get. Wild weather, featureless terrain and even darkness can challenge our navigation. The likelihood of getting lost is a present danger and in poor visability, everything looks the same. So how can we navigate when we are blinded by nature itself?


Learn navigation strategies to help you navigate in complex terrain and in poor visibility. Develop what you already know to get the most out of what the hills and mountains have to offer!


*** Want a bespoke/private booking as a 1:1 or for your group on a date of your choice? Chose the BESPOKE option in the DATES and let me know your preferences in the NOTES at the checkout. I will then get back to you with a price and to start planning! ***

Advanced Navigation

  • Who's it for?

    Our ADVANCED NAVIGATION course is for those who are either experienced in navigating, have done both our INTRO TO NAVIGATION and INTERMEDIATE NAVIGATION courses or possibly considering going for the Hill and Moorland or Mountain Leader qualifications.

  • Course Content

    We will cover the following skills:

    • Use of altimetres

    • Accurate compass work

    • Poor visibility/night navigation

    • Map memory

    • Contour only navigation

    • Small contour features

    • Micro navigation

    • Aspect of slope

    • Back bearings

    • Resections

    • Map memory

    • Dead reckoning

    • Using the group to aid navigation

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