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Navigation Techniques

The second course in navigation goes into detail about the techniques we use to help us navigate. It is split into 6 parts:

  • Part 1: Setting the Map

  • Part 2: Measuring Distances

  • Part 3: Timings

  • Part 4: Bearings

  • Part 4.1: Following a Bearing

  • Part 5: Advanced Compass Work

Click on the headings above to download that Part of the course as a PDF. The PDF includes the complete content of the online articles below and includes a Question sheet at the end. At the beginning of each new Part are the answers to the previous Part's Questions.

Attached below are PDFs containing the complete course and a list of Questions. The complete list of answers is attached to the next series: 3. Contours

Attached below is a PDF containing the ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS from my INTRODUCTION TO MAPS series.

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